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Branding & Marketing expertise
to take you from idea to pilot to successful scalable solution

Ammalosy's core belief:

"Every founder's positive impact idea deserves success"


Tailored 1-on-1 Coaching & Expertise. 


Focussed on delivering 

Game-changing strategy

Actions and


To help you:

1) Articulate your idea

2) Define your brand purpose (see case study)

3) Review target audience, market opportunity, customer journey

4) Drive the pilot process

5) Ensure you have a sharp MVP definition

6) Develop the most effective go-to-market strategy

7) Identify the most appropriate growth and scale-up approach 


AMMALOSY is run by Ashley Usiskin.


 20+ years leading teams

at world-class ad agencies,

client-side marketing departments and

as a start-up co-founder in        




and SYdney.  

This global journey has given me a curious, insightful, and open-minded perspective to understanding brands from many cultures and categories.



I worked with the founder of - the 2-seater e-bike - to develop the brand and launch marketing strategy for the Netherlands. 


 Extensive insight gathering and collaborative sessions with the team led to a powerful definition of the brand and the brand line "Double the fun"

The customer journey was mapped out to then develop an integrated and sales-focused launch plan.  This has all helped establish doppio to be known as THE ultimate  2-seater e-bike. 

Plus most importantly hit Year 1 sales targets! 


Sloterkade 166N, 

Amsterdam, 1059EB


AMMALOSY, a Dutch registered company: kvk 70941270

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