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Introducing Ashley Usiskin, founder of Ammalosy Consulting

I’ve been fortunate enough in my life to have enjoyed a rich mix of roles and global experiences in the world of branding, marketing and start-ups.

As a result I can offer a multi-faceted perspective from my history of being a agency business director @BBHLondon, start-up co-founder @Calbeymarketing team leader @Liberty Global and start-up mentor @Techstars 


This journey has given me invaluable life experiences from living in AMsterdam, MAdrid, LOndon and SYdney, hence the name for my AMMALOSY consultancy.

Throw in lessons learnt from being a cycling team captain, youth development leader, musical director, traveller to 60+ countries, plus being an avid student of personal development, has meant I've gained a novel and powerful mix of perspective, empathy, motivation and intuition.


And all this has led me to pursue my passion to support and coach people to fulfil their purpose, promise and potential.  Since I genuinely believe that "Every founder's positive impact idea deserves success!"

What else do I believe is fundamental when working with clients:

PARTNERSHIP. Those that identify and combine the best of us lead to the best results.  I want to work with people as partners, not as the master and the font of all knowledge.  We can all learn from each other.
PEOPLE THEN PURPOSE THEN PRODUCT. The person behind the idea is as important as the product or service. And their passion and purpose is the key ingredient to success 
COLLABORATION. If we support each other as individuals, as business partners and society at large, there’s a greater chance of a win-win-win. There’s a big enough pie for everyone to have a slice.
POSITIVE IMPACT improve the quality of life for just one person, one family, one community is a success.

And those who know me have described my talents as :

  • Sees the wood from the trees. Reduces the complex to its more simple manageable parts.

  • Has a unique balance of strategic insight, creative mindset and commercial nous.

  • Inspires and motivates people to be more.

  • Always see the glass half-full

So, if you’re after a thought-provoking, perspective-changing free consultation or want to be introduced to people who can help where I can’t, then book a call here. 

I also enjoy partnering and collaborating with like-minded agencies and organisations to support founders and business owners of ambitious organisations.  If this is of interest, lets jump on a call!

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