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Case Study

Defining & Promoting
the best of Twotone Consulting                  



Twotone are a sales, marketing and PR agency, focussed on helping start-ups and innovative companies grow.  After two years, they were at a critical and very promising stage of growth themselves. 

In the words of founder, Jon Woodroof "At Twotone we're proud of the work we do. We, however, lacked confidence and a clear pitch as a team in telling others what and why we do do what we do for our clients."  


Using Simon Sinek's Golden Circle model, I spent the day with the team  drawing on thought-provoking examples and exercise to help articulate TwoTone's why, how and what. Building on this, we worked on defining their values, personality and tone of voice, and refining the fundamental elements for key messaging. 


In Jon's own words:

"After working with Ashley,  We honed a newfound and more intuitive response. My team and I knew how to more effectively: 

  • tell our story, underscore our strengths and generate referrals

  • propel momentum on partnerships and new opportunities                   

  • this new tangibility to our DNA also facilitated on-boarding new colleagues

The result? Internally our team is more motivated, and appreciates the big picture and the impact each other colleague can make.

Beyond that? We leveraged the workshop outcome / Golden Circle to incrementally make improvements  to our brand and value proposition.

With a clear direction in mind we completed a re-brand project - logo (created by Yorit Kluitman), website, messaging.

The gains in consistency, reassurance and confidence have been tremendous."

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