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"Every founder's positive impact
deserves success"

Are you launching, pivoting, scaling-up or expanding?

Need expertise to create or boost your branding & marketing?

Do you need help with...

Brand Definition

What you stand for and why?

Brand Identity

Name, logo and design

Brand Implementation

Bring alive with purpose-driven marketing & messaging

Brand Awareness & Engagement

Get more attention & loyalty

Product-Market Fit 

Create best proposition for most valuable customer 

Customer Journey  

Gain insights to improve  conversion  

Go-to-Market Strategy

Identify and optimise most effective channels   

Revenue Streams

Test and launch additional ways to market your product/service  

Your brand and bringing it life 

Your marketing and building a scalable business   


What does Ammalosy offer?

1-on-1, tailored, results-focussed coaching and implementation solutions

Who for?

Founders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

What's the benefit?

Focus on what's important 

Make purpose-driven decisions

Get done what really matters

What you can expect?

  • Define your  brand purpose, so that you make key decisions with clarity and confidence

  • Bring your brand alive with a purpose-driven implementation plan

  • Form a game-changing marketing strategy, with achievable high impact results

  • Generate ideas with a clear ROI and set of easy-to-implement tasks

  • Execute with discipline, accountability and the most effective resource 


Can I help?

" ... "

What clients say:

"Ashley's unique combination of insight, practicality and expertise was invaluable in the successful launch. Thanks for being a genuine partner to get doppio off the ground & on the road!"

Peter Eiselin, Founder,


"Working with Ashley, we honed a new-found and intuitive response to the way we do business.  We now know how to more effectively tell our story, to generate  more referrals and partnerships."

Jon Woodroof, Founder


"Ashley was a mentor of mine on the Amsterdam Techstars program. He was insightful and brilliant when it came to marketing and especially messaging. I highly recommend Ashley for any consulting role, especially for impact-driven startups."

Chrstine McDannell, Founder


Strategy Services


Sloterkade 166N, 

Amsterdam, 1059EB


AMMALOSY, a Dutch registered company: kvk 70941270

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